“Creating Your Own Printed Circuit Board At Home” at WTM 2020

It’s been up for a while, but I gave a (virtual) talk at Woman Techmakers Montreal in April 2020 about creating your own circuit board. I wanted to show that creating your own circuit board is not that hard and expensive with KiCad and a good PCB fabrication house. It was not supposed to be … Read more“Creating Your Own Printed Circuit Board At Home” at WTM 2020

Building the Geekcreit® DIY L298N Autonomous Robot Car

I hope that the products recommended here will help you build great projects. Just so you know, if you buy through the links on this page, RobotsBench may get a small share of the sale. This helps to keep the site alive and allow me to write more articles. Thank you!A few weeks ago while … Read moreBuilding the Geekcreit┬« DIY L298N Autonomous Robot Car

Buying Electronics Parts Online Cheaply

When I first got started in electronics, just getting started was a lot more expensive. Just programming a chip would require a 50$+ dollar USB programmer, and Arduino was still a very new project. A few years after this I heard about eBay as a source of cheap parts, and everything had changed! You could … Read moreBuying Electronics Parts Online Cheaply

Communicating With I2C Devices in Your Arduino Project

Often with an Arduino project, you will need to communicate with many devices and sensors. Many protocols were invented to limit the inputs required to communicate with a device and make the communication more standard so you don’t have to figure out a proprietary format each time. One very popular protocol to do with is … Read moreCommunicating With I2C Devices in Your Arduino Project

Creating and Ordering a Circuit Board

Temperature logger PCB

I have plans for a small weather station that’s been lying on my hard drive for a while. The basic design includes ESP8266 modules that send data over to a Raspberry Pi base station that logs all that data and can create graphs. I’ve done a good deal of prototyping and breadboarding for the electronics, … Read moreCreating and Ordering a Circuit Board