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This blog is here to help you learn to build electronics, robots and other mechatronics projects. I’ll be posting my own projects here, along with some reviews of the tools you’ll need to start building your own projects.

Some of the latest posts

A quick introduction to OpenSCAD for 3D printing

I’ve purchased an Ender 3 Pro 3D printer some time ago, but I only did a few demos prints at the time. I didn’t know where to start designing my own models, so the printer sat there collecting dust. The whole process of learning to model just to create a custom print sounded like a…

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Building the Geekcreit® DIY L298N Autonomous Robot Car

A few weeks ago while I was shopping on Banggood for new parts I wanted to try out, I came across this great robot kit from Geekcreit. The Geekcreit┬« L298N 2WD Motor Ultrasonic Robot Car Kit is based on an Arduino board and includes many parts I was looking to purchase separately such as: Ultrasonic…

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Communicating With I2C Devices in Your Arduino Project

Often with an Arduino project, you will need to communicate with many devices and sensors. Many protocols were invented to limit the inputs required to communicate with a device and make the communication more standard so you don’t have to figure out a proprietary format each time. One very popular protocol to do with is…

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Arduino vs Raspberry PI: Which One To Choose For Your Project

Unless you’re really hardcore and want to build a complete circuit board from scratch before even getting started prototyping, you’ll need to choose a hardware platform to work with when you’re starting an electronics project. You’ll also need the associated software tool to help you program the board. While a good platform will help you…

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Who is behind this site?

My name is Cindy and I’m a fullstack web developer with a background in electronics. I’ve started building my own projects again after a pause of many years, and I want to share them with you so we can learn together.

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All the tools, odds and ends you’ll need to get started building electronics on your own workbench.


When you’re ready to make bigger objects, here are some fun machines to consider to help you build parts.