What is the best hot glue gun?

What is the best hot glue gun?

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TLDR; The Gluerious Mini Hot Glue Gun is a great small hot glue gun that’s easy to hold and use. On the other hand, if you want a glue gun built for heavy duty jobs, the BSTpower 100W Full Size Industrial Hot Glue Gun is the one to get.

The good old hot glue gun is a must have in every toolbox. Once you have a good glue gun, you only have to keep a few sticks around for cheap and efficient gluing!

Why use a hot glue gun vs super glue? It’s easier to fix mistakes that with super glue, and you won’t be afraid it will stick your fingers together. It also has a lot more bulk, making it a must have for some uses. For example, I’ve used it to weatherproof connections and fill in makeshift wiring setup so wires don’t touch. Also, hot glue also has some flex compared to super glue which is pretty stiff and will break off before bending.

There is a wide range of quality in glue guns, from the dollar store option that can barely melt a glue stick to the best hot glue guns that heat up quickly and will outflow the glue smoothly and evenly so it sticks properly. Even then, it’s generally a pretty cheap purchase, so buying the best hot glue gun is not that hard on the tool budget.

Here are the hot glue gun that I will review in this article:

Small hot glue gun: Gluerious Mini Hot Glue Gun

  • FAST HEATUP TIME & SUPERIOR ENDURANCE: Infused with a PTC ceramic heating system, Gluerious mini hot glue gun heats up and releases glue within 3-5 minutes. Its robust design is built to withstand long term use up to 500℉, which makes it ideal for not only crafting, but also repairing your home essentials including wood, plastic, glass, metal, stone, ceramic, shell, paper, wicker, lace, cotton, fabric, and more
  • ANTI-DRIP NOZZLE WITH BURN PROTECTION: Our mini glue gun for crafts features a custom designed precision nozzle with rubber protector to prevent scalds and leakage of glue. This ensures your maximum safety and keeps your working area free of glue webs or any other mess
  • ACCESSIBLE CORD & USER-FRIENDLY KICK STAND: Gluerious hot melt glue gun is equipped with a retractable metal stand that makes it super easy and flexible to use for standby, upright or any other positions. The sturdy 55 inches cord (UL plug) makes it conveniently accessible on different locations while plugged in
  • SAFE POWER SWITCH & SMOOTH TRIGGER: Save time spent plugging in and out all the time, our hot glue gun with glue sticks features a convenient power switch with LED indicator that allows you to turn on/off the device easily if you need a pause any time during usage. Compact body design combined with smooth trigger propulsion ensures convenient grip and well controlled flow of the glue, saving you lots of hassle and otherwise wasted glue
  • 30 GLUE STICKS FOR GLUE GUN INCLUDED: Our glue dries out quickly and promotes a firm hold that can withstand resistance. Thanks to the insulated design, the output does not stall when feeding in a new glue stick. With 30pcs strong adhesive hot glue sticks inside, Gluerious glue gun kit has everything to cater your passion for crafting and DIY projects right away

This small hot glue gun is great for small to medium-sized jobs. It heats up fast and will glue evenly. It also comes with a switch on the gun so you can flip it off easily to save glue; many of the cheap small guns require you to reach out and unplug it from the wall to turn it off.

It also comes with a stand and it works fine, but given the weight of the gun it could still be knocked over.

Large hot glue gun: Chandler Tool Hot Glue Gun

  • ▶ Stand-Up Base - With a stand built right into the handle, our hot-glue gun is always standing up, ready for action! No more laying down on the job (and no more sticking to the table!)
  • ▶ Heavy Duty - 60 watts of power & large-diameter glue sticks to knock out those big construction jobs that 10-20 watt mini craft guns and small-diameter glue sticks simply can’t
  • ▶ Drip-Free - In addition to pioneering the stand-up base, Chandler Tool is the leader in no-drip technology. Less Waste. Less Mess. More work!
  • ▶ Glue Included - 12 high quality 8” long clear full size (7/16”) glue sticks included. Beware other glue guns with mini (5/16”) or short (4”) low-quality glue sticks!
  • ▶ Best quality - Sure, there are super cheap hot glue guns on the market, but you get what you pay for. Ours just might be the last glue gun you ever own

This one is a full-sized hot glue gun that uses standard 7/16″ (0.43″) glue sticks.

Unlike many other models, this gun has a pretty cool feature: it has a stand-up base in addition to the standard wire stand near the nozzle so it can stand on its own, and stay up.

On the other hand, it has a pretty large nozzle and the glue (and nozzle) gets very hot. It’s not the first choice for delicate gluing work, but for larger jobs it’s a great tool.

Dual power hot glue gun: Cobiz Hot Glue Gun, Full Size 60/100W Dual Power High Temp Heavy Duty Glue Gun Kit

Unlike most hot glue gun, this full-sized hot glue gun has a setting for 60W or 100W heating. When you set it lower the glue will be colder and will flow slower, making it possible to work with more delicate materials.

With both settings, it heats up pretty fast (even if the 60W setting is a bit slower to heat up), and uses the standard 7/16″ (0.43″) glue sticks. It also comes with a stand, but it’s not that stable and you’re better off laying the gun on its side.

All uses heavy duty hot glue gun: BSTpower 100W Full Size Industrial Hot Glue Gun

This is one of the most versatile hot glue gun: it’s full-sized, but comes with various nozzles to handle many types of gluing jobs. It also uses the standard 7/16″ (0.43″) glue sticks that are easy to find in stores (but doesn’t come with any, so make sure to purchase some!).

The temperature is also adjustable with a dial so you can control the gun flow better. Unfortunately, you need a small screwdriver to turn this dial, and you’ll probably wish to heat up the glue at the highest temperature first, but it’s a minor annoyance given that you can’t do this at all with most guns.

Wireless hot glue gun: Ryobi Glue Gun P305 with Charger & Lithium-ion battery

This wireless glue gun is another type of tool completely. It’s meant for heavy duty jobs where a corded glue gun can’t easily reach. Given the weight of the battery, it will stand upright easily, while the gun itself is pretty light. It uses the same the standard 7/16″ (0.43″) glue sticks as most guns.

It’s very expensive just for a small project, but it could be a good choice for you if you already have Ryobi battery tools; you’ll be able to share the battery and charger in that case.


The Gluerious Mini Hot Glue Gun is a great small hot glue gun that’s easy to hold and use. Given that I have small hands, it’s a lot easier and less tiring to use than the huge guns. It’s the kind of hot glue gun I’ll reach for first when I have something quick to fix.

On the other hand, if you also need to do more heavy-duty jobs and the weight won’t bother you, the BSTpower 100W Full Size Industrial Hot Glue Gun is the tool to get if you only want to purchase one. With the interchangeable nozzle, it can handle gluing jobs of all sizes with ease.